Advice on walking in the snow

Advice on walking in the snow

Helpful Hints When Walking on Snow or Ice

Advice on walking in the snow

We have experienced a heavy downfall of snow this week which is forecast to continue till the weekend.  I thought it may prove helpful to provide you with some tips and reminders on how to best walk in the snow.  Some of you are keen to make it back and forth work safely.  Others, I’m sure, are hoping to build snowmen and perhaps have a snow ball fight.

Hopefully these tips will help you all keep safe and look after your feet.


  • Choose footwear that should have either water resistant material, polished leather, or have water repellent spray. Where as the Sole should have good grip and thick tread.  The larger and wider base the more grip you have.
  • If you use smart shoes to work, carry them in a backpack and wear good footwear to and from work
  • If your feet become wet, dry out your shoes and change your socks as soon as possible


  • Keep feet and toes warm and dry.
  • Wear thick socks or double layer to keep warm – you can always carry an extra pair of socks with you


  • Reduce your speed and take shorter steps
  • Avoid icy patches and only make necessary journeys
  • Allow extra time to get to your destination so that you are not rushing
  • Use handrails on steps where possible
By Steven Thomas, Senior Podiatrist

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