Hallux Rigidus Treatment

Non-surgical hallux rigidus treatment:

Whenever possible, our foot specialists will recommend a non-surgical treatment, this may include:

  • Orthotics and specialist footwear
  • Joint Lubricant and Steroid Injection
  • Manipulation Under Anaesthesia
  • Splinting and activity modification

Hallux rigidus surgery:

If surgery is needed to treat Hallux Rigidus then the surgery choice depends upon the degree of joint damage, the patients job, footwear choice and anticipated activities. X-rays will be carried out prior to surgery to assess the joint damage. 

Surgery options may include:

  • Cheilectomy: Just shaving off the extra bone spurs that are blocking movement and restricting joint movement.
  • Osteotomy: To re-align joint to improve function.
  • Joint Implant: An artificial joint with similar properties to normal joint. Not suitable for everyone
  • Joint Fusion: Eliminate all movement and pain in joint.

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