Planters Foot: An Inflammation of A Ligament In Your Foot

Planters Foot: An Inflammation of A Ligament In Your Foot

Planters Foot: An Inflammation of A Ligament In Your Foot

In medical terminology planters foot is known as plantar fasciitis. It is basically an inflammation of a ligament in your foot named the plantar fascia. This ligament is normally found in the bottom of your foot and is made up of tissue bands that are fibrous in nature. The tissue normally covers the area between your toes and heel bones. With every step that you take you are basically asking the tissue to stretch itself. Inflammation normally happens when the tissue suffers tears.

Common complaints

One of the problems that people constantly suffer from when they have planters foot is immense pain in the foot or the heel area. The pain is normally of three different types – aching, stabbing, and burning. Normally, the mornings happen to be the most painful of all. This is because when you are sleeping at night the ligaments tighten up. The pain becomes intense when we put pressure on the tissues in such a condition. You would normally see that the pain would decrease throughout the day even as the day goes on. However, if you perform any physical activity or stand this pain can come back.

How can it be cured?

In most cases you do not need invasive processes such as surgery in order to reverse the damage caused by the condition and stop the pain. Not every person responds to treatment in the same way and this can affect the time that you take to recover.

Why does it happen?

There are different reasons as to why you may suffer from planters foot. Normally, the plantar fascia ligament moves just like a rubber band – it stretches and contracts much the same way. It is capable of dealing with a lot of pressure and weight being exerted on it. These are the main causes of plantar fasciitis:

Excessive exercise is one of the reasons as to why you may contract it; this is a common condition among athletes. When this tissue is subjected to heavy stress on a repeated basis it can become torn and this can lead to inflammation. This can in turn lead to severe or moderate pain.

Arthritis is also a major reason as to why planters foot may happen and it is common to see seniors suffering from foot issues. In certain cases the tendons may get inflamed and this can lead to pain in the heel area.
Diabetes is also one major reason that can contribute to this issue by furthering the damage suffered by the tissue. This could lead to heel pain as well. Once again, it is the elderly people who typically suffer from this.

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