Ankle Arthritis Treatment

Injection treatment, braces & physiotherapy:

In the first instance, we would usually recommend trying non-surgical treatments for ankle arthritis. Our ankle specialists will formulate a tailored plan for your rehab. This is usually a combination of Injections of cortisone or hyaluronic acid (naturally occurring joint lubricant) to reduce the swelling and improve mobility, as well as protection with an air cast boot or a brace for a short period.

Ankle arthroscopy surgery:

Ankle arthroscopy surgery is a type of keyhole surgery that can be used to treat ankle arthritis. This is performed via 2-3 small incisions to visualise inside the ankle with a specialised camera and instruments. We can repair cartilage damage, remove bone spurs and fix ligaments using this technique.

Ankle arthroscopy surgery recovery:

After ankle arthroscopy surgery recovery time is usually between 4-6 weeks before getting back to sports activities.

Ankle ligament repair:

We perform ligament repairs using bone anchors to ensure that they are anatomically restored to normality. This ensures that you have improved stability following the procedure.

Ankle ligament repair recovery:

After ankle ligament repair you will usually not be able to put weight onto your foot for 10-14 days.

Ankle fusion & replacement:

Ankle fusion and replacement is reserved for advanced arthritis and severe cartilage damage. The ankle is either fused and fixed to reduce movement and therefore pain or replaced with an artificial joint.


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