Podiatry for Athletes

Podiatry for Athletes

Podiatry for Athletes

When it comes to sport, maintaining good health is essential. For an athlete, this is especially so considering the many ways in which the body is being used when competing. Perhaps one of the most valuable assets for an athlete are their feet, which is why sports podiatry is so beneficial and worthwhile.

Sports podiatry is the diagnosis, review and treatment of all lower limb disorders, inclusive of the foot and ankle. The feet take a huge amount of punishment during athletic training and can experience a number of avoidable aches, pains, injuries and discomfort.

A sports podiatrist is in a great position to help prevent and treat foot and ankle problems, finding ways of ensuring they don’t inhibit the athlete’s performance or ability to compete. This includes looking into the type of footwear being worn, how the athlete is running on their feet, and whether they require any strengthening or training programs to help them deal with any issues in their legs, feet or ankles.

The best person to speak with for advice and recommendations when it comes to the correct footwear to use during sport is a podiatrist. They will also be able to inform you of any useful accessories or equipment that could benefit an athlete.

In addition to this, sports podiatry can help an athlete determine whether their leg stability and alignment is working optimally, whether they’re fit to perform or practice, and what steps or measures they should be taking to improve any problems. This is explored through biomechanical assessments that have been specially designed.

With sports podiatry, the focus is very much on prevention first. Why would any athlete or sports enthusiast want to willingly put themselves at risk of injury when it can be so easily avoided? You don’t have to be suffering from a particular complaint in order to visit a sports podiatry clinic. Many athletes choose to visit a specialist even when their lower limbs are flexible, in full motion, mobile and free from any pain.

They will be able to identify any potential problems before they arise, and also be able to find additional ways of performing better in their sport. This may be through footwear recommendations, exercise advice, warm-up programs, training routines, exercise and movements that will protect against injury, and so forth.

While there is always going to be the risk of injury, and there’s often general pain and discomfort expected with sport, it doesn’t have to be debilitating and inhibitive when the right measures are being taken. Sometimes it can be caused by an easily avoidable issue, such as a mechanical issue in the body that needs correcting, an imbalance that could be resolved, or a general injury that can be easily diagnosed and treated.

If you are an athlete looking to find a sports podiatrist, you’re in the right place. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help. With experienced podiatry specialists ready to help, we’ll get you back on your feet as quickly as we can.

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